Micro Learning

I need to complete this learning, but it’s BORING. It’s too long and full of text. And it’s not available when I want to take it.

Have you heard this from your learners? Or maybe they’re just thinking it as they click ‘Next’ and go for a coffee. The problem? Most online learning programs are agonizingly boring. And people don’t remember anything from them, even though the course has been stuffed with content.

Today’s average attention span is about 9 seconds. So no, you can’t teach a whole new thing in 9 seconds, but learners will make a decision about whether to keep listening in that time. You have to prove your training is valuable in those first few precious seconds. And then you have to move it along to teach the things your learners really need to know. Things to help them avoid injury and death. Things that will help them advance their careers. Things that show them how to be a good leader, well heck… how to be a good human.

So let’s find a fun way to jolt that learning into people’s brains, even while they’re standing in line at the grocery store. We can help you create a burst and teach your learners something new in modules of 5-15 minutes.